The Riders

Our Buddies The Riders On the Trail Training

These are our riders.  When it comes to horseback riding, they all have different skill levels.  Whether they're riding up a mountain trail, through a pasture, in an arena, or just around Story, they all enjoy riding their favorite horses.

Trail Boss

Marty took English riding lessons as a child but always dreamed of riding western-style.  Finally, that dream has come true!  He looks forward to one day trying out some rodeo events such as cutting or team penning.

Ranch Foreman

Linda has been riding since February 2006 and enjoys riding and taking care of our equine buddies.


Heather is just learning to ride and enjoys riding horses despite being allergic to them!


Shelby hasn't been riding for too long, but she is our daredevil.  She just wants to ride a horse as fast as she can get it to go!


This is Annabel.  She arrived August 1st of 2008. 
As you can see, she is very happy to be hanging out with us.

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