Our Buddies

Our Buddies The Riders On the Trail Training

These are our buddies.  They spend most of their days at our trainer's.  He has a large pasture for them and many more friends for them to hang out with.  Being a herd critter, the more friends they have around, the more they like it.  When we have them at the house, we take them up on the many mountain trails by our  house every day and, of course, the occasional trip to the post office.


Streaker is a showman that has competed in horse shows.  The kids at the trainer's love to take their riding lessons with him.


Brownie is the sweetest horse around.  He loves to come over to you to get some affection and to go to the mountains for rides.


Piper is very nice and is comfortable riding around the block or on mountain trails.  She comes running to us whenever we go to the pasture.


Whinny is the new baby in the family.  We're going to have a lot of fun with her!


 Jack is a pygmy goat with a lot of personality.

Lilly is a sweetheart and very friendly.

Jill started out a bit shy but now she's right at home with us.

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